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Personal Particulars 个人资料:

Chinese Name: English Name: *
IC / Passport: *
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Race: *
Gender: Male Female Nationality: *
Religion: * Place of Birth: *
Birth Date: * Age: *
Marital Status: Single Married Tel No. (H/P): *
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Parent / Guardian Particulars 家长/监护人资料:

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IC / Passport: * Family Income: *
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Emergency Contact (2 persons) 紧急联络人 (2位):

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Academic Record 学历:

  School Name Town/District Year of Graduation
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Status of Health 健康状况

Declaration of illness. Explain in details if you having ang following symptoms

Type of Disease Yes No If "Yes", Please state
OKU 残障
Color Blindess 色盲
Congenital or Inherited Disorder 先天性或遗传性失调
Allergy 敏感
Mental Illness 精神疾病
Fits, stroke, other neurological disease 癫痫、中风、神经系统疾病
Heart of Vascular Disease 心脏或血管疾病
Asthma 哮喘
Tuberculosis 肺结核
Drug Addiction 药物成瘾
AIDS or HIV 艾滋病


Upload Documents

You are required to upload the information below by clicking “Choose File”.

  1. Mykad (front and back) for Malaysian applicants
  2. Passport for international applicants
  3. SPM / O-Level or other equivalent results.
  4. School Leaving Certificate.
  5. STPM / UEC / A-Level / Foundation / Diploma / Bachelor Degree / Master Degree Results or Transcripts
  6. Foundation / Diploma / Bachelor Degree / Master Degree Certificate
  7. MUET / IELTS results


Other documents (if any)

Refund Policy for New Students’ Withdrawal 退款条例

The refund policy for new students’ withdrawal is strictly follow the terms and conditions listed below:
  • Application of new students’ withdrawal submitted before commencement of semester will be entitled to a refund of 80% tuition and miscellaneous fee.新生于学期开课前完成退学申请,获80%的学、杂费退款
  • Application of new students’ withdrawal submitted on the 2nd week of the academic semester will be entitled to a refund of 50% tuition and miscellaneous fee.新生于学期开课2星期内完成退学申请,获50%的学、杂费退款
  • Application of new students’ withdrawal submitted on the 3rd week and onwards after commencement of semester will NOT be entitled to any refund. 新生于学期开课第3星期或以后方完成退学申请,一概不获任何退款
  • Application & registration fee, development fee, student union fee and international student administration fee are non-refundable regardless of the application date of the withdrawal. 新生已缴交之报名注册费、发展基金、学生总会费和国际学生行政费一概不获退款

Southern Holistic Education 南方整体教育

I understand that I need to earn minimum credit points of UC Compulsory Elective in order to fulfill the graduation requirements as required by Southern University College.
  • At least NINE (9) credit points for Bache Degree programme.: Chinese subject three (3) credit points, Sports three (3) activities
  • At least SIX (6) credit points for Diploma programme: Chinese subject three (3) credit points and Sports or Artistic activities (3) credit points

Letter of Guarantee 担保信

I being the parent/ guardian of the student, hereby undertake to guarantee that the said student will behave well throughout the whole studying period in Southern University College. If the said student happens to owe the any fees or damage any property of Southern University College, I agree to take full responsibilities to indemnify Southern University College against all losses incurred.

Self Declaration 宣誓书

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

I understand and agree that Southern University College has the permission to use my personal data for the purpose of administrating. I have read, understood and agreed to the Personal Data Protection Act of Southern University College. (Note: You may access and update your personal data by writing to us at

I declare that the information and documents provided are true and accurate. Southern University College reserves the right to reject the application or terminate my student status with immediate effect if the particulars are found to be not authentic.

I agree and allow Southern University College to verify and authenticate my personal documents from any institution which issues this information.